Vegas Sports [Review]

Like Vegas,the Vegas Sports App is a gamblers delight. The aim of this app is to organize betting on sporting events and helping to keep account balances of related sports. It is very helpful in managing accounts and perfect for a pro in gambling.

The important feature of the App being a systematic account on your wins and losses after you have fed in the details of the sports you bet on, the team names , the amounts and the likes- that all your avid gamblers already know.

The App supports different types of bets, like traditional straight bets, parlays, teasers, over unders, money lines or draws. For those of you who are gambling enthusiasts and know not much will get help from the App itself as you open it.

Though it takes time to understand if you know little about systematic gambling but eventually the App helps to master the art. With a neat interface and easy functionality, Vegas Sports helps you create and manage various different accounts making you a happy owner of the App ,since one of the major burdens of keeping accounts manually is solved for different bets .It is definitely worth a buy.

Price: $2.99
Category: Sports
Size: 7.4 MB
Language: English

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