Verizon To Charge $30 To Upgrade iPhone

Verizon iPhone

This is something on which many iPhone lovers will love to spend their money on. Verizon Wireless has announced that it will add on a whopping $30 surcharge for customers who upgrade their mobile device.

Come 22 April 2012, and Verizon Wireless will charge the fee for device upgrades in addition to the price they pay for the new device. A representative for the company has told Reuters that the added charge will help the carrier “provide customers with the level of service and support they have come to expect.”

Some of the analysts who have weighed in on the matter, are saying that Verizon’s move will all but certainly not be welcomed by customers. However, it may not be enough to dramatically curtail iPhone upgrades. However, the new fee could add up to an additional $1 billion for Verizon annually.

So although upgrade charges are, in fact, quite common (Sprint Nextel, for example, charges a $36 upgrade fee), they are never popular or fatal. And that is acceptable to Verizon, which seems to be less concerned with what is popular and more concerned with what is profitable.

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