Verizon plans to turn iPad into touch-TV.

Planning is something what I do when I have some strong feelings for a particular thing and want to do something about it. We can see lots of things going around in the vast domain of technology. Technology is spreading like wild fire and so does the uses of such technology changes in due course of time.

Verizon Communications Inc. planned out an application that turns the iPad into another screen for its cable-TV service. If that’s come to true I will be walking with my iPad with my favorite shows or films, playing on my hand.

The service will be given through Verizon FiOS TV service and I can surf the films and shows with the touch of my finger without a remote to work on.

Shawn Strickland, Verizon’s vice president of consumer strategy and planning said

“It will take a year to complete the plan and a lot to be watched out regarding the signals and networks”.

So I find the plan to be interesting enough where I will get my favorite shows traveling alone with me. Won’t you love to watch your favorite shows and other stuffs without a single shot being missed? If yes, you can try the service when it comes to market.


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