Video By pod2g Showing New iPad Untethered Jailbreak

New iPad Jailbreak

After MuscleNerd, pod2g is here with a video showing an untethered jailbreak for the New iPad (also known as iPad 3).

pod2g is a famous hacker who had been working hard for weeks on the new iPad 5.1 untethered jailbreak. Now, it seems that we are closer than ever to seeing this jailbreak released as pod2g has released a demo video of the untethered jailbreak in action.

This video shows a fully functional iPad 3 running Cydia and going through a reboot.

According to pod2g, if this jailbreak works on the New iPad 3 and the iPhone 4, it should work for all devices, including the iPhone 4S.

Are you excited to see the new jailbreak? What are your expectations with it? Post your comments.

Source: iDownload Blog

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