Video Wallpapers & Video Ringtones For Your iPhone

I know, I know iPhone can get boring. Every time you see the same springboard, every time you see the same wallpaper when somebody is calling you. Yeah , you can install themes, and that can inject some rainbows and butterflies on your iphone, but how cool would it be if you would have a video background on your springboard? And how would you like to have a video ringtone?

That would be badass huh? Well, in a few painless steps, you can have all of that. Check this :

  • open cydia
  • search for vWallpaper
  • install vWallpaper ( now, before you tap confirm make sure it will install vWallpaper and SkrewCommon. By default it does, but, if you wont get a 8-9 megs download and a new icon on your springboard make sure u install SkrewCommon as well ) ( how can u make sure that by installing vWallpaper you install both : well on the confirm screen check what message you get under Modifications – Installing )

That’s it , congrats. Videos are available for download from within the application, along with video ringtones. Also, you may use videos downloaded from MxTube. You can manually upload videos that you want to use via SSH. Just upload any .mp4 file onto




Just to make sure :

upload .mp4 videos for ringtones in /private/var/mobile/media/Skrew/vRingtones
upload .mp4 videos for background in /private/var/mobile/media/Skrew/VWBackground


  • You must disable User Wallpaper in Winterboard for it to display
  • If you got a theme, you must :
  1. ssh onto iphone and delete or rename that theme’s wallpaper
  2. use Mobile Finder, and rename the file

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