Vimeo came with Universal player for the sack of Apple only?

Apple’s iDevices now can play the videos with Vimeo “universal player”.

Vimeo is a video playback site, now enabling users to embed its videos with a new Universal Player that can detect the viewer’s client and provide optimized video that is compatible with it.

Using the new Universal Player, Vimeo can now deliver lower bandwidth videos to mobile clients, and send H.264 video to HTML5 devices such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Apple got a sigh of relief when Universal Player could be played on it, because last time Adobe Flash did work properly on the iDevices.

Vice-president of Product and Development, Andrew Pile said that the effort took nearly five months. “The videos will be playable in any browser,” he further added.

Many of the software have come and even claimed to be compatible with the iDevices but many of them didn’t work out properly. Let’s see how Vimeo works for apple.


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