Virus War Game Review

iPhone Virus War Screenshot

Now here is a game that has a theme to make your imaginative work so much that what you may have in your mind might be dubbed as “over-active imagination”.

Virus cannot be seen by human eye. You need a micro-scope to see viruses.

However, created by Lethal Beaver Games, Virus War is a game that is all about Viruses. Here you play the game on you iPhone (or sometimes iPod Touch or iPad) and manage the war between viruses with the touch of your fingers.

Virus War Screenshot

As far as the story of this game goes, A dangerous virus is infecting creatures all over the world and a hero has to stop it. There are two fighting colonies and you head one of them. The humanitarian one. The victory of the evil colony spells doom for the world. There is a certain amount of neutral cells. Your task is to occupy all the cells. You should get as many neutral cells as possible and to render harmless the cells that have already been captured by your enemy. All the cells (yours as well as enemy’s) have ability to share 50% of their immunity with other cells. Every cell also has the ability to restore its immunity by 1% in a second.

However, lack of immunity does not mean you can affect a cell. This is possible only if all the strongest cells unite and attack the enemy cell. The enemy cell would die only when the immunity of strongest cells exceeds the immunity of the enemy cell. Thus, while playing this game you should think in advance and your skills regarding quick decision making come into play here.

Once you understand this game, you would be addicted to it. There are 20 levels in this game and the makers have announced that the advanced version of this game would have five more levels. As virus can be seen with microscope, the graphic depiction of the game scenes look like as if you are seeing virus under the microscope, with some viruses looking like the spilled liquid on a solid surface.

The system requirement for this game is iOS 4.0 or the later versions.

So are you ready to do an Alice (from Resident Evil movies) and save the world from a deadly virus? Share your thoughts and fantasies in the comments section below.

Click here to download Virus War.

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