Walt Mossberg takes trip to France leaving Laptop, choose iPad

Walt Mossberg the technology Journalist took a “working” vacation to Paris last month and purposefully left his laptop at home. He used his iPad to perform business related tasks. By his own account, the experiment was a success, the Wall Street Journal columnist was able to perform his work duties without a laptop, on the iPad.

Well Mossberg was able to keep up with emails, work with documents, watch videos, and using the SugarSync app. He says that he can easily accessed a file on his home computer from across the Atlantic ocean. Other productivity and editing apps were used such as GoodReader, Documents To Go, and Quick Office.

However, Mossberg ran into a problem with Apple Ping service from his iPad and that had been released while he was in France. Well you need a standard computer to interact with Ping.

But he device was a fine replacement for a laptop on his light business trip with its longer battery life and lightweight ease of use


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