WARNING: Beware Of Fake Apple E-Mails

Apple Fake e-mail

The names of corporate organizations that are giants in their industries are often used by scammers to fool people and to cheat money out of them. This time, a new scam is fooling people on the name of Apple.

According to online reports, the scammer (or scammers) steals money from people through fake emails which would look genuinely from Apple Inc, claiming that the user’s billing information has not been updated. The mail threatens to terminate your account if you do not update your billing information. The e-mail may look “helpful” as it offers a link that gives the recipient an easy way to make things right.

However, this link would not take you to billing pages of Apple. It would take you to a third party website where the information about your credit card is supposed to be stolen.

The message claims to have originated from appleid@id.apple.com, and looks legitimate.

Apple Fake E-mail

Clicking the link will take you to a page where you would be asked to give and fill in your credit card details, which you would never wish to do and you should not do it. The image below shows where the URL actually points to, and it is not apple.com. As always, it is good to check just where links are actually taking you, especially if they are asking you for your bank or credit card details.

That is why, we advise our readers to be careful. If you receive such e-mail, just ignore it.

Have you received such email? Tell us what you did after seeing it in the comments section. Share some precautionary advices if you wish to.

Source: iDownload Blog

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