Warning: Fraudulent “Phishing” Email Impersonates from Apple on iPhone 5 Launch

According to MacRumors, some of their readers have received fraudulentphishing” email, disguised as an official email from Apple about the next generation iPhone.

Moreover this fraudulent emails are being used to acquire Apple IDs and personal information from unsuspecting users so please be extremely prudence.

MacRumors has provided the following information based on this emails:

The latest email (pictured above) passes itself off as an Apple launch email for the iPhone 5. . It cobbles together various photos from the internet and entices users to click on “Learn More”. The learn more link, however, links to a Windows executable which we presume to be malware (virus, trojan, keylogger, etc…), so readers are warned to avoid clicking on any links from these emails.

Apple summary on phishing email:

“Phishing” (also known as “carding” or “spoofing”) refers to email that attempts to fraudulently acquire personal information from you, such as your account password or credit card information. On the surface, the email may appear to be from a legitimate company or individual, but it’s not.

As a general rule, never send credit card information, account passwords, or extensive personal information in an email unless you verify that the recipient is who they claim to be. Many companies have policies that state they will never solicit such information from customers by email.

If you do receive email that you’re not sure is valid, here are some tips that can help you determine its legitimacy.

Please don’t forget to read it and also pass it to your friends and family.

[ Via iphonehacks, support.apple ]

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