Watch Vimeo Videos On Your iPad And Vimeo Music Store Soundtrack To Movies

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Last month, there was a report of iPad version of Vimeo to be released in near future. Finally, it is here.

The popular video sharing service Vimeo has added iPad support to their App Store app. Now you can upload, edit and manage all your videos natively on your iPad.

Now you will also be able to simultaneously watch a video while browsing other clips. If you wish to discover something new, Vimeo will provide “meticulously curated” channels, on the basis of your interests.

If you are making your own movies and want to have a soundtrack, the editor now has Vimeo Music Store integration. This means there are 45,000 tracks would be available for you to choose from right on your device.

Vimeo claims that their latest update will also give you the ability to browse featured channels without logging in or signing up.

Vimeo for iPad can be found here.

So are enjoying Vimeo videos on your iPad? What is your feedback about Vimeo for iPad? Post your comments.

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