watchOS 5.0.1 updates fixes with minor activity bugs and more

Apple, on Thursday, released watchOS 5.0.1. where the update available is through the iPhone Watch app.  This thus has fixed any minor activities tracking error, not only affects some users but includes with other bug fixes.

Hence in accordance with the watchOS 5.0.1 releasing notes, updates improvements along with bug fixes include:

  • An issue fixed causes a small number of users sees an increase in exercise minutes.
  • Addresses not only causes some users to receive Stand credit in the afternoon
    Helps with fixes of the issue preventing Apple Watch from charging.
  • WatchOS 5, released earlier this month, offered a number of new features, includes Activity Competitions, new wallpapers, and more.
  • WatchOS 5.0.1 gets an update which also installs into the iPhone Watch app under General > Software Update. Hence the update has dual build numbers of 16R381 and 16R382.

With a week little over release with watchOS 5 to the public, which Apple is going to release its first minor update being watchOS 5.0.1.

Hence with small updates aimed at fixes has the original release includes a bug causes an incorrect increase in exercise minutes for some users.

With issues bothered not only causes the Watch track with standing minutes during the afternoon also updates fixes of the issue. Hence, updates today issues all the users and keeps it regular where one finds other fixes or features with a newer version.

Full release notes:

With update containing improvements and bug fixes, includes:

  • An issue fixed causes a small number of users seeing an increase in exercise minutes.
  • Also, an issue addressed causes some users not only receives Stand credit in the afternoon.
  • Hence by having a fix of an issue prevents Apple Watch gets charging.
    Apple hence releases first iOS 12.1, watchOS 5.1, and tvOS 12.1 with developer betas.
  • Now iOS 12 is available with performance boosts, Screen Time, smarter notifications, much more.
  • WatchOS 5 for Apple Watch is now available with Podcasts and Walkie-Talkie apps, much more.
  • TvOS 12 now available for Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K, brings Dolby   Atmos audio, screensaver updates, more.

With HomePod updated adding multiple timers, Find My iPhone, making and receiving phone calls, and more.

With the release of Apple watchOS 5.0.1 goes to the public, minor updates to the Apple Watch’s Operating System, not only fixes a charging issue but also activity-related problems closer to their rings.

Hence with the release of watchOS 5 landed over 10 days, the new watchOS 5.0.1 has a fixed update, has a performance for the wearable device’s software. With general improvements advised the release notes of the update highlighted is with three issues.

The first has a problem-solving increase with a small number of users increases exercise minutes, making a track of user activities inaccurate throughout.

With a second bug fixed not only addresses an issue, but users did not receive Stand credit in the afternoon.

The third fix of an issue prevented is where the Apple Watch gets charged.

With the update of Apple Watch, of the companion app on the iPhone connected, and taps on the My Watch tab. Thus within the General section, one selects Software Update entering the passcode if requested.