WebGL, OS-to-browser conversion?

WebGL is a technology which enables internet browsers to run heavy graphical interfaces, such as 3D environments and lightning engines. The technology has not yet been integrated into any publicly available internet browser, but we have gathered information that a WebGL integration is beginning to appear in the latest WebKit sources.

WebKit is a native framework, used by e.g. Safari and Dashboard, which improves several technologies and makes them easier to use and program for the developers. That WebGL is being integrated into WebKit, may result in a OS-to-browser conversion, since we will be able to run a lot of heavy graphical applications seamlessly in our internet browser. Just imagine the possibilities… 3D games, Google Earth, Adobe Photoshop, architect 3D applications and many more, could be totally converted into being run through Safari. And just to let you taste a bit of it, here is a preview of some simple 3D applications which run smoothly in Safari:

And as you can see, this technology already works and could easily replace other technologies, such as Flash and complex Javascript engines. WebKit is therefore increasingly becoming a huge threat to Adobe Flash, which is one of the most popular browser plugins ever. With WebGL, no browser plugins are required in order to process rich 3D applications.

Opera, Mozilla and Google have already shown great interest in the rising technology, and may be among the first companies to convert their otherwise OS native applications, into internet browsers.

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