Plan Your Weekly Diet With For A Healthy Life With MealGuru [REVIEW]


To live a healthy life, you need to have a balanced diet. Balanced diet is defined differently by different people. Here, by balanced diet, I mean a diet that gives proper nutrition and proper amount vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and a necessary amount of fat.

Thus, you need to plan your meals in advance and here is an app that would help you do that. Introducing MealGuru by EMP Company. MealGuru helps you to plan your weekly diet in the forms of meals you would eat throughout the week. With this app, you can prepare a schedule on what to eat, when to eat and to eat on which day.

EMP Company describe their mission as improving the quality of everyday life and they do that by developing innovative customer applications related to food and health.


MealGuru would transform your iPad into a mobile meal planning solution that would be capable of whipping up deliciously healthy dinner ideas for everyday of the week, including your own favorite recipes. With MealGuru you can and you will feel more satisfied from a healthier, balanced eating regimen. With MealGuru, you will improve your and your family’s eating habits.

This app was created to provide a planning and organizing tool to help you enjoy eating balanced, diverse, and nutritionally conscious meals day in and day out. MealGuru provides weekly meal plans on the basis of recipes from the database and your unique taste. It compiles grocery lists, and varies dining plans flexible from week to week to ensure that a fresh and healthy diet for you.

You can choose your favorite recipe from a database of 280 healthy recipes in MealGuru. All of these recipes have been made and suggested by dietitians. Each recipe is broken down by ingredients and their nutritional values. Not only that, MealGuru also includes a number of unique “kid-approved” that your kids would love. This shows that MealGuru accommodates family friendly meal plans as well. With MealGuru, preparing a healthy eating regimen would not be a difficult task because this app would make it as simple as powering up your iPad!


MealGuru would also allow you to add and store personal recipes right into the app’s database via its innovative My Cookbook function. Personal recipes are circulated and added into meal plans randomly. Thus, your favorite recipes will also be included and suggested to you just the way recipes from dietitians are suggested by MealGuru.

Now you would note need to google and search for nutritional recipes for hours. You can simply choose what type of nutritional recipes and food do you and what type you do not want. The app will do the rest. Shopping lists are also included in this app. They can be emailed to yourself as well as friends and family. Preparations are easy and well instructed. The app takes care of all the planning, all you need to do is to follow the the procedure and cook properly.

Now let us have look at the features of MealGuru:

Creation of balanced meal plan:
1. You can create weekly menus on the basis of a variation in protein, vegetables and grains, plus low in saturated fat, balanced in calories and high in fiber, to meet your daily needs.
2. You can customize your personal preferences of the food, tastes and flavors that you like.
3. In MealGuru Like or unlike recipes can be customized for your future meal plan.


Discovering and using healthy recipes:
1. MealGuru’s recipe database comprises of 280 delicious meal choices.
2. You can learn how to cook easy, nutritionally balanced recipes based on Dietary Guidelines from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). This includes children’s recipes as well.
3. MealGuru includes In-depth nutritional information and photos with every recipe.
4. This app can give extra food tips by recipe.

Easily adding your own recipes:
1. You can add the recipes directly into the MealGuru and simply copy and paste recipe information from any website.
2. MealGuru can quickly scale recipe ingredients to the desired serving size.
3. You can easily add photos from your personal album or Internet.

An easy-to-use app built for efficiency and speed:
1. In this app, streamlined weekly menu creation tools will allow full meal plans to be built in minutes.
2. Shopping list creation options include categorized items.
3. You can email shopping list to yourself or others right through the app.
4. MealGuru does not require an Internet connection to function.

The features aimed at increasing the efficiency and speed of MealGuru have been improvised in new Version 2.0.

MealGuru is compatible with iPad. It requires iOS 3.2 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining MealGuru from app store with a gift card and the app has been used on an iPad.

So are you ready to plan you diet and make your health-conscious lifestyle more easy and efficient? Tell us how MealGuru benefitted you.

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