Welcome 55-inch iPad to Apple store

Let’s forget those rumors about a 7-inch iPad coming sometime soon or new iPod touch with camera for a while, as it seems to appear like Apple retail store suddenly have a whopping 55-inch iPad in stock.

When we adopt according to the display in App store, it really seems have it. Similar to the giant iPhone 3G/3GS that used to dominate the windows, the new 55-inch iPad shows off the entire photo, web, and other features available on the regular sized device.

The displays sit atop giant sized books, newspapers, and other assorted old media. They picture shows how Apple is positioning the device as something decidedly for the mainstream. I think the size of the new giant iPad seems to occupy more space and only place you can use, will be your home or work place. Is you to decide.

The price of this new product is not known till now, hope it will out soon.

55-inch iPads now at Apple Store and what you think of this product? You can write a comment on this.


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