What To Expect From iPad 3 At Today’s Event

iPad 3 Mock

For past few months, there have been various rumors about iPad 3. Some are about hardware, some are about features.

A rumor says that a new updated version of Apple TV will also be launched with iPad 3. However, at the moment, the spotlight is on iPad 3.

With just few minutes left for iPad 3 to launch, let us refresh you memories about what can you expect from iPad 3 if rumors turn out to be true.

1. Some rumors say that iPad 3 will have a dual-core processor while some say it will have a quad-core processor. We will find out in few minutes.

2. iPad 3 will have 4G LTE Networking.

3. iPad 3 will have retina display and a better quality camera.

4. Some rumors say that processor has A6 Chip while others say it has A5X Chip. Rumors of A5X Chip are going strong.

5. Some rumors say A6 will be quad -core while some say it will be dual core.

6. Rumors say iPad 3 will have Siri.

7. The latest rumor says that iPad 3 will be released as iPad HD.

Following video highlights some rumored features of iPad 3.

So what features are actually going to be there? What features will turn out to be rumors? We will find out in ten minutes.

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