What I Want From An iPhone Camera App

Here I’ve listed some features I always want from my iPhone camera application –
  • Zoom – Even though digital zoom on a phone-camera is not very appealing, but it’s essential anyways.
  • Anti-shake like feature – When ever I take a photo from my iPhone camera, it’s always not the way I wanted. Blurry, always! Anti shake feature would save my life
  • Grids – To help me take proper aligned pictures!
  • Timer! – Well, I’m not asking much

Well, actually for all above features I have (or had) 6-7 photo apps. It’s really nice to have all these wonderful apps. But it’s frustrating as well. I always keep looking for the right app, and tend to miss the moment to capture.

camera_genius_iconI saw an attractive camera icon on the app store few days ago, and it’s called Camera Genius – Well, this little package contained all the functions of my 6-7 camera apps in one! It’s like swiss knife of camera app! And top of all you get the most amazing thing – a camera manual. Yes, Camera Manual for iPhone because most of us are defective when it about capturing a perfect moment!

Well, if Apple didn’t hear your prayers of putting your fav features in the native camera app, do what I have done, replace you camera app. I really wonder why this app is hiding deep in the app store.

In one line I’d say – Camera Genius is the genius camera app which contains all the features that I expect(from the camera app).

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