What USB-C means 4K external display support with 2018 iPad Pro?


This article features about USB-C where there is a 4K display supports externally along with 2018 iPad Pro.

About USB-C 4K external display support

Following discoveries at Memoji syncs and an ‘iPad2018Fall’, the first developer beta of iOS 12.1, developer, Steve Troughton-Smith discovered new iPad Pro, modelling this year. Within the Xcode, Simulator for iOS 12.1, as Smith potentially hints supportive for 4K external displays this year’s iPad Pro.

Smith explains Xcode, Simulator for iOS 12.1adding support for a new 3,840×2160, resolution output option. Thus a new 4K option joins the previously existing options where 640×480, 1024×768, 720p, and 1808p.

Currently, an iOS device to a 4K external display output is not possible. Thus Apple sells a Lightning Digital AV Adapter. This connects via Lightning existing iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices where the adapter, outputs up to 1080p resolution.

The natural inference where the 2018 iPad Pros –presumably ships with iOS 12.1 – adds support to output 4K resolution with external displays.

Further, Ming-Chi Kuo suggestive of 2018 iPad Pros drops Lightning connectivity in favour of USB-C.

What does this mean?

A few possibilities inclusive to suggest is where Apple adds support with 4K, an external display of iPad Pro, this year through USB-C. Hence, theoretically, the users connect iPad Pro to an external display through a single USB-C cable.

Another possibility where Apple plans is a new dongle Lightning devices adds a support for 4K output. Thus the existence of Lightning dongle for education and enterprise users have an updated 4K dongle.

Ultimately, the territory of USB-C support comes in general with much where Apple moves Lightning to USB-C connectivity. This opens up with 2018 iPad Pro device where an entirely new world of accessories – inclusive of 4K displays.

Personally, USB-C on the iPad Pro intrigues me with scepticism, however, Apple optimizes iOS devices. Also, there is a wide range of accessories in supportive to the new connection option.


Hence to conclude the above fact the following are the sources taken from 9to5mac is stating shows how USB-C along with 4K external display is supportive of 2018 iPad Pro.