What’s EU doing in Apple?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is running a regulatory session on Apple’s app Store developers agreement. Meanwhile, an interesting turn took up when regulators from European Union joined in.
The whole issue began when Apple in April, adjusted its agreement wording in a way that outright barred developers from using third-party development tools such as Adobe’s Flash Compiler, or in-game engines like Unity 3D.

Further in July made some modifications in the agreements the limited the third parties to glean from inside of application, which posed serious incompatibility for companies like Google’s AdMob from running its business on the iOS platform.

Similar issue did came up years back with Microsoft where it had to change the way it bundled Web browsing software in versions of Windows that were sold in European market and the European Union played a pivotal role.

At this point Apple has to wait for four or six month when these bodies in charge give any official conclusions. Tougher time for Apple though.

Thanks [Cnet]

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