What’s New in watchOS5?

In the year 2018, with Worldwide Developers Conference at San Jose in California taking place, watchOS 5 being the latest version of watchOS, is designed as the operating system tending to run on the Apple Watch. However, watchOS 5,  is where Apple focuses on and the introduction with new ways to make staying active and connected with the world around you.

Thus with the headline which features watchOS 5 has a new Walkie-Talkie app, which introduces an entirely new way of communicating the way to watch and merge real-time voice conversations with the spontaneity of messaging. Hence Walkie-Talkie works as a traditional Walkie-Talkie with press-to-talk communication with friends and family.

With the introduction of watchOS 5 bringing a seven-day competition challenging your friends which one can earn with the most activity points and hence with a regular progress report, letting you where you and your friends stand receives a special award.

Hence with a new workout type being added which includes Yoga and Hiking having Outdoor Runs and gaining support for rolling mile pace, custom pace alert, and cadence for a better capability of tracking.

Hence being a known fact that Siri Watch is facing a better than ever in watchOS 5 supporting for sports, maps, heart rate, third-party app support and also Siri Shortcuts featuring which comes in iOS12.

Thus Apple Watch is being offered up with Siri Shortcuts which is actionable, dynamic shortcuts based on your own iPhone and Apple Watch usage habits.

Apple Watch

Hence with speaking of Siri, no longer needs to say “Hey Siri” to the Apple Watch with watchOS 5. Also one can just raise your wrist while speaking to Siri. Hence there are notifications which are smarter and more interactive with actionable options for doing things like checking into a flight, paying for the ride, or booking a table. Also to note a fact is that notifications are grouped in more convenient ways.

Hence watchOS 5 integrates Webkit for viewing some website content apps for mailing or messaging on your wrist upon clicking the links and loading sites on the Apple Watch.

Hence with the podcasts now being available on the Apple Watch, is dedicated with Podcast app on your iPhone with new Podcasts complication. However with several other new features including watchOS 5 like Memories in Photo face and direction, wind speed, UV index, and air quality in Weather app, along with an emoji picker, scheduled Do Not Disturb options without needing the iPhone.

Hence to note the fact is that with the availability of watchOS 5 in the interim phase for developers and also with beta-testing ahead of fall releasing to public and Apple which releases watchOS 5 along with a GM version. Hence the new software runs on all Apple Watch models which also does not support watchOS 5.

New Watch Faces
There are several new watch faces introduced by watchOS 5 for both Series 4 Apple Watch modelling earlier Apple Watch models. Hence with a new Breathe watch face designed to accompany Breathe app walks through breathing exercises for relaxation and stress reduction. Thus with three animations for Breathe watch face to include as follows: Classic, Calm and Focus.

With the inclusion of new motion faces having both shift and flow raising wrist and tap on the display. Here there are three options such as Fire and Water option, Vapor option, and Liquid Metal option.

Hence with the introduction of photo face, one can display curated moments with the photo library using memory option and with several improvements made to the Siri watch face. Hence with the introduction of two new complications: One for the podcasts and one with new Walkie-Talkie app allows one to open up with a tap.

Thus watchOS5 currently is available in a beta-capacity to developers. Hence with the inclusion of other beta devices, Apple may not only provide watchOS beta to public beta-testers because there is no way to downgrade the software on the Apple Watch.