White iPhone 4 Appears Briefly on April 20 Order Page

Is Apple ready to release white iPhone 4?

Rumors are going on that Apple will release the long awaited white iPhone 4 by last week of this month.

UK carrier Three, which previously had a order page for White iPhone 4 without any ability to order, briefly added “buy now” button for their white iPhone 4 page. Is this a hoax?

Engadget describes:

We managed to get all the way through to an order confirmation page, so if it’s a mistake it’s a very thoroughgoing one.

Here Three partner that announced in a tweet:

“I can’t believe this isn’t a mistake. 32GB iPhone 4 in WHITE has just gone live on 3Store” Later the same Three partner changed its story: “It would appear that White iPhone 4 was too good to be true.”

[Via ObamaPacman]

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