White iPhone 4 Set For Wednesday Launched?

The much awaited white iPhone 4 can be released this wednesday. Many sites and analyst has predicted that white iPhone will be released on last week of April. Now we are in the end month of April so there is great chance of Apple releasing the products on that particular day.

According to ModMyi site:

The evidence continues to mount that Apple will release its long awaited white iPhone 4 on Wednesday. Beginning over the weekend and reaching a fever pitch Monday morning, major media outlets are picking up on the supposedly leaked information that Best Buy’s inventory has been updated to reflect white iPhone 4 stock. And it appears that Wednesday will mark the product’s official release.

Best Buy has shown white iPhone sale information on their site and many other retail stores are also getting promotional information about white iPhone.

As we presently understand the situation, 16 GB and 32 GB white iPhone 4 units are already out for delivery at Best Buy locations around the US. If the majority of the inventory hasn’t yet been received, it should be by the end of today or early Tuesday. Correspondingly, we should hear more about the alleged product debut within the next 24-hours if these reports do, in fact, contain any vestiges of truth, as reported by ModMyi.

We will update you with more information when available. You can also share your view and information about white iPhone 4 launched date.

[ Via modmyi ]

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