White iPhone 4 to be available on April 27th

The rumors about white iPhone 4 launch is getting stronger day by day, everyday we can hear new report based on white iPhone date. Here’s another report revealing that white iPhone’s release to the end of April, specifically April 27th.

According to iPhoneClub.nl (reveals the launch date):??

“We received this information through an anonymous tip from someone who works BelCompany. Then we started looking for other people who BelCompany works that could confirm the information. That was the case: they indicate that an internal memo was circulated, indicating the date of April 27 for the white iphone called April.”

The earlier report from iPhoneItalia predicts the white iPhone will be released on April 26th. BusinessInsider says it will be at the end of the month.

Now only Apple can clear the confusion about its product launch. Hope, they will do it soon.

[Via http://www.iclarified.com]

[ Image courtesy digitaltrends]

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