Who stole the moon?

Someone stole the moon? That would be hard for me to get over. And so it is for Bertie, a moon lover, who one day can’t find the moon and starts his quest to find out who stole it. On his way he meets some animals whom he politely interrogates hoping to find an answer. As the story progresses, the animals give you access to their custom songs. This e book, Who Stole The Moon by Windy Press has definitely found place in my favorites’ list. The story goes on well, seeming neither prolonged nor abrupt at any point. You can choose from 15 languages making it a good way to learn a foreign language  for your child, student or even for you. The app features original songs performed by award-winning children’s singer, Susie Tallman.
So lets skim through the feel of this app and see if it appeals to you.


Bertie starts his quest on who stole the moon and has chats with different animals he meets on his way. I would of course not go on to disclose who actually stole the moon but I’ll tell you what made me like this e book. Honestly speaking, the complete package! Beginning from the title, a well structured story, songs whenever you wished, nice interactive elements, pleasant music and sounds, wonderful graphics and great games. To the left are  two pages from the book. The songs are wonderful and yes, they play with the lyrics! You can choose to play the karaoke version if you wish to sing it yourself. If you wish to download the songs separately you can do so for $ 0.99 a song in iTunes.

GAMES: The games were fun to play.  The puzzles are the best.  Though I am a wreck with Jigsaw puzzles, I tried one of them and stopped after I could put together Bertie. I apologized to Bertie and told him about my impatience problem and that I haven’t stolen the sky or anything!

All the games move very smoothly and you can spend a lot of time with them.


My favorite was the coloring book full of beautiful sketches. The tools on your palette are lovely and you can color with ease which made me proud of the final result of my Red-eyed tree frog. I’m compelled to upload a ‘before and after’.

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later and is available in the app store for

There is a free version available in which the story continues till Bertie asks the question ‘Who stole the moon?’ It does have two songs and one game in it.

On this one I’d say it’s worth the purchase. Enjoy!

As mentioned in the app : This book was written by Helen from England who has her own moon obsessed toddler. The book was illustrated by Vlad from Russia who is tall and thin and loves coffee with milk.

Who Stole The Moon? - Interactive e-book for childrenWindy Press International Publishing House, LLCBooks$4.99Download

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