Why personal e-mails are not blocked at work in Apple Inc?

Nothing should remain as personal when I am in workplace. Professionalism is what dictates in office. Apple recently sued their employee Paul Devine for using his personal email accounts and carries out works which was unethical.

He was charged of providing suppliers with confidential information they used to secure contracts with Apple and of procuring iPhone and iPod component parts, with taking more than $1 million in bribes and kickbacks from half a dozen Asian suppliers over a three-year period.

When scanned his Hotmail and Gmail account, he posted to the other party not to send text in his Apple office accounts as IT team of Apple can suspect him.

The point is Paul Devine made his conversation with his personal accounts, but why a mega tech company like Apple forbids their employee not to use personal account at office.

Is Apple not capable of doing that? Or now Apple is only concerned about business not of security!

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