Wikipedia Goes Black To Protest Against Internet Censorship

Wikipedia Blackout

Freedom is precious and should be protected at all costs. Internet is blessing because today it is the only place where one can freely voice his opinion.

When Internet is censored, people protest. In China, hackers and people protesting against Internet censorship are killed by government, military and police on regular basis. Still people all over the world fight to save the freedom of Internet.

Wikipedia has made its English language website offline to protest against two proposed laws in US Senate that are likely to kill the freedom of Internet. Reddit, BoingBoing, a popular blog, Craiglist, Mozilla and Minecraft have joined Wikipedia in this fight against corruption.

Our reporter tried to open Wikipedia many times today and was shown the message that you see on the picture on this page.

The proposed laws Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) claim to curb online pricey and target websites from where people download popular movies and TV shows. Motion Picture Association Of America (MPAA) endorses this law, calling it an effective weapon against online piracy.

On the other hand, websites like Google, Facebook, Wikipedia and others feel that these laws are actually Internet Censorship laws, disguised as Anti-piracy laws. This is because these laws would allow US Government to ban websites like YouTube if a video that can be somebody’s copyrighted property is found to be hosted on it. This means that with so many videos from movies, YouTube might be the first to get banned if the laws come into effect.

People from many countries have aired their voices though YouTube videos to expose the governments that commit atrocities on them. With a ban on YouTube, those people would be voiceless. Same thing goes for Facebook and Twitter.

Many people are wondering that why, USA, the savior of the freedom of speech wants to bring such laws. There are speculations that the real purpose of these laws is to ensure the censorship of Internet to the extent that no other WikiLeaks like expose would happen again.

Do you support these Anti-Internet Freedom laws? Post your comments.

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