Will Apple Bring A Cheaper 8GB iPad 2?


As if rumors of iPad 3 and iPad mini were not enough, DigiTimes are back with a new iPad 2 rumor.

But iPad 2 is yesterday’s news. In fact, yesteryears’ news. What rumor for iPad 2 can come?

Well for rumor monger, iPad 2 is not yesterday’s news.

Digitimes continues to bombard media outlets with the iPad related rumors in the days before Apple’s event on 7 March 2012. DigiTimes has reported that Apple could be preparing a cheaper 8GB iPad 2 to unveil alongside the iPad 3.

Digitimes cited their usual “unnamed source” and claimed that the move would allow Apple to “cover different segments” of the market, most likely those dominated by the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet.

The rumors likely stem from Apple’s introduction of a previously unavailable cheaper 8GB iPhone 4 that were released alongside the iPhone 4S in October 2011. Apple’s extension into less-developed economies has increased the demand for cheaper iDevices, and increased the reward for doing so.

However, 8GB is a paltry amount of space for a 10” tablet, not to mention that it would disappear even quicker with the inclusion of a retina display. Perhaps Apple will finally unveil the long rumored 7” iPad or maybe they are reducing the price of the iPad line altogether.

Most manufacturers would simply decrease the price of the iPad 2 versions that are already available. However, Apple is not keen on people buying old cheaper products. At best, Apple would make a single iPad 2 version available, in an effort to push consumers toward the latest and greatest.

Source: Modmyi

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