Will you Pay $2 Per Week to Read Wall Street Journal on your iPhone?

It is a good thing that Rupert Murdoch is trying to make money off digital content subscriptions at an age when most companies have substituted them for advertising revenues. But the bad thing is that the monetization strategy does not seem to have been thought out well before implementation. Just a couple of days after announcing WSJ’s monetization plan for iPhone and Blackberry users, Rupert Murdoch has altered the plan.

On September 15, Rupert Murdoch, the chief at News Corp announced an access fee for iPhone and Blackberry users who would want to access content from the Wall Street Journal on their mobile phones. Accordingly, people who are already subscribers to Wall Street Journal will have to shell out $1 per week to access the content on their iPhones. Those who are not subscribers needed to pay $2 a week for content access. This was seen as highly unfair to the subscribers who will have to dole out more cash to access the very same content that they have already paid for.

Following repercussions, Rupert Murdoch today announced a modified pricing plan. Subscribers to both the print and the online versions of WSJ no longer needed to pay extra for content access via iPhones. However, if you are a subscriber of either the print or the online version, then you will be required to pay $1 per week. Other non-subscribers need to pay $2 per week if they want to access it from the iPhone application.

News Corp says that the iPhone app will still be free for download and a part of the content will still be available free of charge. This shall be in sync with the free content that is available on the internet for the online users. The extra charge shall only be required for those iPhone users looking to access the paid-content section.

It will be interesting to see how many iPhone users will be willing to pay the additional charge for reading the Wall Street Journal on their iPhone. How about you?

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