WiMax Egg Sleeve Brings 4G Speed to the iPhone 4

KT has released a new WiMax Egg Sleeve for the iPhone 4. The KWF-B2500 include a 1500mA expansion battery and lets KT (Korean Telecom) customers surf WiMax across the country. The sleeve includes an extra battery to allow five hours of 4G surfing. Wow that’s look great.

You can keep on surfing as I got another battery backup for my surfing. This line can make you a generous person in front of your friend.

At present the case is only available in blacks – weighs 68g, and is 62×126.5×17.2mm in size. Our iPhone can manage with this size.

The case is not available in U.S, and still is not clear if ever the case will be sold in America.

Anyway, there is a device where you can get 4G data speeds on your iDevice now by using mobile hotspot.

[ Via engadget ]

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