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We have been reading about the conflict and legal battles concerning patents by Apple for months. Apple has feuded with Samsung, Motorola and Android. Now Microsoft is returning the market with Windows phone. The victory for Apple in many legal battles might have made Microsoft wonder if Apple can create problems for Microsoft.

Microsoft is being on safe side, not wishing to give Apple any chance to drag it into a legal tangle.

Speaking to New York Times recently, Joe Belifore, the leader of Windows Phone software team, talked about Apple’s iPhone prompting Windows Phone redesign and shaped the future of Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

“Apple created a sea change in the industry in terms of the kinds of things they did that were unique and highly appealing to consumers,” Joe Belfiore told The New York Times. “We wanted to respond with something that would be competitive, but not the same.”

Apple’s launch of the iPhone had disrupted the mobile industry in many ways. With iPhones breaking records in terms of demand, supply and sales, Apple got a big piece of revenue pie that was being shared many companies who were in the business of making and selling phones longer than Apple. Some of them were only in the business of phone. Even today, five years later, Apple is still going strong. Microsoft at that time was considering options for what to do with exhausted Windows Mobile platform. Seeing their mobile future now at risk, Microsoft decided in December of 2008 to scrap Windows Mobile and start afresh.

This decision meant that there would be a need to assemble a new team of engineers, developers and more importantly — someone to lead them all into the next generation of mobile OS’ for Microsoft. That is why, Terry Myerson, the mobile engineering chief to hired Joe Belfiore who had been working on the Microsoft Zune projects. Belfiore borrowed ideas from the Zune projects. The Metro UI as we now know it was born and early Windows Phone devices were rolled out, providing something many would say was ideas never saw from Microsoft before.

What do you think about Microsoft’s return to a market being dominated by Apple’s iPhone, the possible reason that might have made Microsoft quit it years ago? Voice your opinion below.

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