With Rotieer, Your Mind Will Rotate Faster Than Earth With Excitement [REVIEW]


Is this a co-incidence or something else? Every time I enjoy playing a game, somehow it reminds me of Mario, the first video game that I enjoyed as a child.

In Mario, Mario has to keep on jumping and stand on flying blocks to cover long distances. If he jumped at the wrong place and at the wrong time, for example a place where there is too much depth or some monsters walking on the road.


A game called Rotieer has little bit similar situation on flying cubes. However, this game is more of a puzzle game. In this game you have to move a green ball which should reach red cube, overcoming all hurdles. This reminds me of another game where a maze would be in my hands and I would shake it until the ball inside that mail enters successfully in a bracket.

Rotieer has been created by Germany-based Enzo Whyte. This game is so exciting that while playing, you will be shaking your iPhone (and yourself a little bit to make your ball move. Make sure you choose the right keys to play this game.


Once you start playing this game, it is easy to master the earlier levels that are easy. However, you should retain all the lives as further levels are tricky and you may not be able to pass them in a single attempt. Thus, you should keep all the lives with you to win the game.

While playing this game, you can move your self through the levels or rotate the level right or left. However, you should remember that if you rotate and there are no “Cubes” to fall on, you will lose a life.

This game has 9 Chapters with over 50 Levels which make this game exciting. This game is very easy to learn as there are only 4 Controls, two for Movement and two for Rotation. Rotieer also features Platformer Specials like Elevators, Key, Portals and FallinCubes. The soundtrack of this game is awesome as it adds more excitement to the game.

Following video gives you a glimpse of Rotieer game:

Rotieer is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 5.0 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining the Rotieer from the app store via gift card and the game has been played on an iPhone.

So did you enjoy this game? Post your comments.

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