With WatchOS 5 You Can View the Web Right on Your Wrist

According to macrumors, you can view contents from the web with watchOS 5 as a result of Apple adding support for WebKit. However you should note that there’s no full browser yet for the Apple Watch but you can open web links in apps like Mail and Messages. So if someone sends you a link to your Apple Watch in the Messages app, you can tap on it and open up a little mini web browser right in the Messages app. Therefore you can also open all kinds of WebPages, ranging from event updates, restaurant menus to airline flight information etc. the WebPages are quite interactive therefore you can browse easily on it.

Also just like in normal Messages, when you get an email with a web link inside it, you can then open it using the Mail app. Thanks to WebKit, you can view HTML emails on Apple Watch for the first time. You cannot use Google and other Websites on the Apple Watch because it has no built in Safari app but you can cheat.

Here’s a way to do it according to macrumors;
1. From your iPhone or Mac, send yourself an iMessage with a link to Google.com (or any other search engine).
2. On the Apple Watch, open up the Messages app.
3. Tap on your name, and then tap on the Google.com link that you sent yourself.
4. Wait for the Google site to load on the Apple Watch.
5. Tap on the search field.
6. Speak or spell out whatever you want to search for.
7. Tap the search button.

You can also load all kinds of websites on the Apple Watch, It’s essentially a full browser that’s been miniaturized for the wrist. However, you can’t watch YouTube videos, for example, or any other types of video content. Contents such as news sites, can also take a while to load or they can refuse to load all together, therefore it is important to note that; simple browsing is best on the Apple Watch.

The Apple watch browser uses Reader Mode for heavy text websites, therefore making it simple to view sites with no ads. However, mobile optimized sites work best on the Apple Watch. Also, using Google in the messages app for browsing is quite slow and quite tedious on such a small screen as it also eats a lot of battery but it’s quite useful for emergency purpose when you urgently need to look up something. You will need to use the browse cheat when you want to browse the web on the Apple Watch because Apple doesn’t allow access to the URL bar.

Meanwhile according to macrumors, the WebKit on Apple Watch supports several gestures which includes;
• Use the Digital Crown or a finger on the screen to scroll.
• Double tap to zoom in and double tap again to zoom out.
• Long press to access options for Back, Forward, Reload, and Reader Mode.
• Swipe to move forwards or backwards through different sites.
• Tap a text field to speak or spell out text.
While browsing through your Apple Watch, it automatically stores some website data. However you can delete all this data through the settings app. Here is how to do it;
1. Open the Settings app on Apple Watch.
2. Choose General.
3. Scroll down to Website Data.
4. Select “Clear Website Data.”

When you use this option, it will automatically remove all the website cookies, credentials, and browsing data. The WebKit integration According to Apple is limited to Apple Watch Series 3 models. However, the WebKit and websites will not load on the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 models.