Enter The World Fantasy And Fight Evil Gnomes With Magic [REVIEW]

Evil Gnomes

When it comes to magic, you think about Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings and Power Rangers Mystic Force. However, here is a new game that takes you to a fantasy world and provides thrill, action and excitement.

In this game Evil Gnomes, you have a chance to be a super-hero and fight against the Gnomes that symbolize evil.

Once you start playing this game, you progress to build towers and collect resources that you would need to fight. You call upon friendly creatures that would be your allies in the fight against evil. You use magic to defeat wave after wave of the Evil Gnomes.

Evil Gnomes has many levels. You will unlock new features the moment you qualify from one level to another level. The levels have been designed to be entertaining and challenging enough to keep you excited while you play this game.

Evil Gnomes

Let us have a look at some of the entertaining levels of Evil Gnomes that would also give insights on some of the interesting features of this game:

1. This game has 3 Schools of Magic.

2. Evil Gnomes has eighteen Unique Combat Towers.

3. There are Multiple Upgrades for each Tower.

Evil Gnomes

4. When you have a chance to be a hero, you need a super-villain to fight so that the game would have the ability of providing a thrilling experience to the player. Just the way, there are Superman – Lex Luthor and Batman – Joker, Evil Gnomes also gives you various Enemies with special abilities, whom you will fight against to destroy evil.


5. This game has resource gathering system.

6. Not all gnomes are bad. This game also has some controllable friendly gnomes.

7. Spell casting is possible in this game.

Evil Gnomes has beautiful animation and high standard graphics. Following video shows you the awesome of animation of this. I was really awestruck when I saw the animation of this game.

Evil Gnomes is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.2 or later version.

Evil Gnomes has mild violence, similar to that what is seen in cartoons. That is why, I would like to recommend user discretion while this game is played.

This review has been written after obtaining the game from a gift card and the game has been played on an iPod.

So are you ready to gain some super-powers and fight against evil? Post your comments about playing this game.

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