Worm Attack on iPhones

It couldn’t last any longer: the first known iPhone worm is loose, but fortunately it only attacks jailbroken iPhones.

It’s the antivirus firm Sophos, who details the worm, which surfaced in Australia last week and affects jailbroken iPhones that have SSH installed without and haven’t changed the default password. If you have an iPhone, purchased in a store and haven’t done anything to it but connecting to iTunes, you can stay calm.

Though the worm is harmless and only changes the background image, it is a sign that in the future, more dangerous attacks on jailbroken iPhones could take place, and the worm also indicates so, since Sophos has found multiple variants, as well as numerous comments within the code that tells the worm is an experiment to draw attention to the risk, faced by users that have jailbroken their iPhones.

Our advice to the readers is not to jailbreak your iPhones. The app store offers you nearly everything that you can imagine, including high security..

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