Wow! Did you hear that iPhone apps save UK Government millions?

Wow, Apple fraternity will be quite surprised and proud at what England and Wales has done by savings from innovative mobile technology amounts to £230m (about $350 million) and even UK’s Local Government Association (LGA) has confirmed it.

Here iPhone apps allows report of pubs + restaurant’s hygiene ratings, vandalism, and fly-tipping (illegal waste dumping) and moreover it provides applications which are part of “innovative web-mapping and satellite technology” that frees up staff time.

This savings is estimated to reach half-billion dollars annually by 2014-2015 in UK alone. According to David Parsons, chairman of the LGA’s improvement board describes that by making the most of modern technology and data sharing has seen huge cash savings across the country.

Please let’s us know as how the Apple product has cut the expenditure in your working place or at home.


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