Steve Wozniak Visits MegaUpload Founder Kim DotCom In New Zealand

Kim DotCom Steve Wozniak

MegaUpload founder Kim DotCom maybe facing several claims in a fairly public battle with the US government over legality issues. However, he has found himself gaining support from some pretty important people, including Steve Wozniak.

According to CNET, Wozniak visited Kim DotCom while on a trip to New Zealand.

CNET reported:

During a trip to New Zealand last month, Wozniak stopped by DotCom’s home outside Auckland and took several photographs with the MegaUpload founder who is also the man accused by the United States of criminal copyright violations, money laundering and wire fraud. The United States is trying to extradite DotCom and a hearing in New Zealand to decide the matter is scheduled for August.

Wozniak is not the only high profile support that the MegaUpload founder has been seen and supported by. Others in the list include Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF), Kim Kardashian, from Black Eyed Peas and Alicia Keys. The US Government is currently trying to extradite DotCom from New Zealand so they can try and prosecute him for “masterminding a worldwide file-sharing service that U.S. authorities say cost the record and entertainment industry half-a-billion dollars by enabling copyright infringement on an international scale.”

The case seems quite vague and pretty shady to begin with. However, it is not much of a surprise to see DotCom getting a lot of public support. The support even extends to a New Zealand judge who is demanding that the US Government hand over evidence.

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