You are blessed if you have the angelic white in your hands

Apple has a different kind of charm for the color white. Divine white has always enhanced the beauty of its products. It makes you irresistible, it makes you crazy and finally it tests your patience if you have planned to buy a white iPhone.

I’ll tell you my story with the color white when I got my 3GS, I was all prepared for a white 3GS, got up on a sunday to grab one, excessively delighted because my 3G was a black one. Now the peak of the whole thing, When I reach the store I get to know, “Mam, We are sorry, white is out if stock.”

Crap! this is because I had reached the store sometime in afternoon and it was out of stock in the morning time. So, finally I ended up buying a black 3GS.

Hope this doesn’t happen to me this time. Nevertheless, I am all prepared to remain extra patient and calm until I get a white one. I am thankful to the official statement released which has made the picture clear about the supply of white iPhones.

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