You can avoid sexual harassment by this iPhone app

Life has never been easy for the female sex. Its almost impossible to beat the male chauvinistic attitude of a man because of which a woman is not able to be a free spirit. Since childhood a baby girl, a teenage, a mature girl and finally a lady, all have to be protected from the evils of the society. This doesn’t mean all men are bad but its something like a weakness of a man to not let a woman stand superior to them. Before I end up becoming a feminist let me tell you about Hollaback which will be in the App store soon. The concept behind the app is amazing. It aims to protect women from sexual harassment in a simple manner wherein a woman who is harassed by a man can vent out her feelings in this app.

When a woman is harassed she will immediately take the picture of the man, write a quick story and post it online. I am sure for a woman it would be a feeling of revenge and gunning down the man. The basic aim of app is not let a woman feel weak and pitiable for any kind of harassment faced but report it then and there. Smart ladies you don’t need to forget it anymore but give it a cruel ending for a man.

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