You can expect Netflix streaming soon

Netflix has tested a streaming-only option in Canada with great success. Will disc-free Netflix be coming to the US in the near future?

Netflix has evolved into a one-stop entertainment portal that offers options including DVDs in whatever quantity you’re willing to pay for, from one-at-a-time to all-you-can-watch, plus thousands of films and TV shows available for streaming instantly. Since Netflix debuted its streaming app for the iPad, users can watch anywhere for $8.99 per month, a price that includes the option to have one DVD out a time, but many Netflix subscribers are finding that the DVD option is becoming less necessary

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings hinted this week that a streaming-only, disc-free option would be available in the US later this fall. This certainly sounds appealing to those of us who prefer watching on the computer or mobile devices provided it comes with a reduced price and wider selection that includes new films as soon as they hit DVD.


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